About The Maryland Voter Alliance

pic-aboutThe Maryland Voter Alliance [MDVA] is focused on continuing to build on the activism driven by Entrepreneurs for Free Enterprise through its partnerships with other leading election integrity groups, including True the Vote and The Virginia Voters Alliance, to continue to raise awareness among state boards of elections, the federal government, and the general public about the grave inaccuracies in the current systems that continue to plague the electoral process and threaten the essential freedoms of all Americans.

Among the MDVA’s target initiatives are the following issues at the core of the current findings and discourse are the following:

Achieve Passage of Voter ID Legislation in Maryland

Otherwise known as the “Amnesty Initiative,” the MDVA views the passage of Voter ID legislation as a critical step to preventing fraud and ensuring accuracy in electoral registration and voting processes. Voting by non-citizens is a clear violation of the current law in all 50 states, which requires voter eligibility to be limited to U.S. citizens only.

The MDVA is currently working with Maryland State Delegate Pat McDonough to sponsor a bill to drive this issue forward in 2015, and is actively involved with testifying in hearings at the state and local levels to promote visibility and awareness for the significant, measurable benefits of implementing such regulations state-wide.


Enroll Maryland in the Free Interstate Crosscheck System

Also known as the “Kansas Project,” this nationwide database now includes voter registration data from 33 states and is an effective method to stamp out inaccuracies on the state’s voter rolls and in so doing, make strides to eradicating overall voter fraud, and instances of double voting, inaccurate registrations, and other activities.

The full report of the presentation by Kansas Secretary of State, Kris W. Kobach, to the Presidential Commission on Election Administration outlining the Interstate Crosscheck System may be found below:




Ensure compliance at the state and local levels with The National Voter Registration Act of 1993, known as the “NVRA” and “Motor Voter” Act

The current law, particularly Section 8, requires an annual review of voter rolls to purge inaccurate, outdated records and promote accuracy in online registration regulations through verification of citizenship and legal status by the MVA prior to adding potentially ineligible individuals to the voter rolls.

At present, this legal mandate is not being enforced or even effectively monitored, which has allowed numerous instances of inaccuracies and fraudulent voting activity to take place. The Director of Voter Registration for the Maryland Board of Elections, Mary Cramer Wagner, stated in a recent article in The Frederick News-Post that It is ‘possible’ that non-citizens are voting,” Wagner stated. “There is no database that I can or local boards can turn to and say, ‘Aha, Mary Cramer Wagner is not a legal citizen.’”

Dirty rolls produce dirty elections. The MDVA is committed to taking a leading role in the fight to bring fraud-free elections to all Americans by taking charge of these poorly managed and enforced systems and establishing a clean, functional database to allow voter roll data and eligibility status to be tracked, checked, and monitored to prevent further fraudulent instances and legal violations.